Tackling the Subject of SEO and Search Engine Marketing

What exactly is SEO or search engine optimization?

If you are fairly new to the SEO business then you probably are wondering what search engine optimization is really all about. When talking to website optimization experts, a lot of internet marketers especially those who are fairly new to the business feel like they are talking with somebody who is speaking a different language. Now as the term may already imply, the process is basically aimed at optimizing your website to enable search engines to find it quickly and efficiently.

Better understanding SEO

Now in order to better understand the significance of such a crucial process in web marketing, it would be best to acquaint yourself with various terminologies in search engine marketing. First on this list of terminologies is „keyword“. Keywords basically refer to terms or phrases that online users may use when looking for a specific product or service. If you’re running a computer repair business online for instance, then you can use keyword like computer repairs or computer repair services. Online users may also use longer keywords when looking for something specific as qualifiers. For example, if you are looking for computer repair services specifically based in Melbourne then you can use a longer keyword like „computer repairs services in Melbourne“.

Now at this point you may be wondering what to do with your website. Well actually, quite a lot! You need to have the best and most relevant keywords for your niche market and embed it in your web content to enable search engines like Google and Yahoo to find it. Your website content also has to offer relevance and useful information that can be appreciated by online users. Online users are after all, the one who’ll read your website content and purchase your products or services and you simply can’t inspire your buyer’s confidence if you bombard them with poorly written and uninteresting web content. Without the benefit of popular and relevant keywords, search engines won’t process your website for indexing simply because they don’t know what your site is all about.

A quick way to check if the pages of your web content actually have the keywords you need is to take a look at its Meta tags by checking its page source. In Firefox you can do this by simply pressing ctrl + U when viewing a particular web page. This will bring up another window filled with strange symbols like it’s written in another language. As a matter of fact, it actually is – it’s the language recognized by web browsers and is used by search engines to reference your site for indexing. If you don’t see your keywords anywhere in this page then you are missing out on some very important aspects for effective search engine marketing.

Now you know some of the most important foundations of SEO and the significance of keywords in your search engine optimization efforts. Such foundations are crucial to better understanding website optimization.

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