Contest Burner WordPress Plugin – Get Your Website Visitors to Find You More Visitors

WordPress is a wonderful piece of free software that can be installed on almost every website hosting server within a couple of minutes from your hosting account’s cpanel. Just login and access Fantastico and follow your nose to automatically install the latest version of WordPress and to set-up your blog under your domain name.

After you have the main software installed, then it is about customizing it to suit your needs – be that to keep it as a pure blogging platform or perhaps to massage it into a retail shop front with checkout and order tracking capabilities, you will find you have thousands of free and paid for plugins you can chose from to get the functionality that you need from your new site.

One such plugin is called Contest Burner, which is WordPress plugin. Content Burner automates the running of a contest from your website whereby visitors do things like Tweeting your website, adding it to Facebook and a whole host of other actions so that they can win the contest you have set up, and all of which leads to new and ever-increasing numbers of visitors and increased back-links to your website. Basically Contest Burner allows you to set-up and manage a contest on your website whereby the winner is awarded a prize by being the most successful person at driving traffic to your website.

Of course nothing will negate the need for compelling content that excites the visitors to get involved, and the more exciting the contest prize is the better too – the main thing is that with Contest Burner plugged into your WordPress blog you have the power at your finger-tips to take your website seriously viral. Converting your interested visitors into a small army of worker-bees all pushing the message about your website hard into the market place – it is truly amazing the results that you can expect.

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